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Sayings to Think On

Sayings to Think On

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Shit to Sunshine Read it. Wear it.

Coping. The Process of Turning Shit into Sunshine

Uplifting Love: Whenever You're Right, Shut Up

Whenever You're Right, Shut Up

Appreciate What You Have - (180daystohappy)

Yes, I Am Nice

Pinspopulars » Yes, I Am Nice – Pinterest Quotes

Being healthy is about feeling great and confident in yourself...READ -- 10 Ways to Gain More Health and Vitality For Maximum Success

10 Ways to Gain More Health and Vitality For Maximum Success

YES! "successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose."

Take your purpose in #recovery and turn it into a vision for the future. We can help you find the path to #freedom. #inspirational #quotes

Love this Mary Poppins quote: "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun."

"In every job that must be done there is an element of fun"

x ;)

Ego vs Soul

you can be happy and thankful for knowing the difference but afraid to reveal that idea of confidence we should have, thats where we are all missing out and play follow the leader and theres a good chance the leader is not getting laid ! lol ahahahahahhahha

Let's not


Winnie the Pooh quote - life is never so bad that a Winnie the Pooh quote can't lift your spirits!

Choose your friends carefully

BLOW YOUR OWN MIND. You'll surprise yourself at how much you can accomplish when you focus, click the pin for daily 1 minute videos with focus exercises, motivation, and expert tips!

THIS is a debilitating side effect of living with a narcissist for 30 years. You never know what they are scheming or when they will deceive you next... but you know they have a hidden agenda and it's coming again and again. The only way to protect yourself is to be on guard every minute. It is exhausting and creates paranoia... and they love that they have that power over you. A very good reason to quit this bullshit.

Kushandwizdom ♡ (Daily Inspiring Quote Pictures)

Its not asking "God help me understand your plans" its asking "God let me accept your will whether I personally understand it or not"

Maya #inspiration

I got my own back


My family, best friend, and amazing boyfriend ♥

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