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I Want Stuff

Nice to look at, nice to hold ...

I Want Stuff

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Goo-free soap dish

Soap Dish - good design | Product Design | Pinterest

Compact dishwashers

Pick the smallest dishwasher for yourself - Hometone

Charging stations

Dish dryer / planter

Fancy - Wall Photos

Instagram printer

Air umbrella

Air Umbrella by Je Sung Park » Yanko Design

Space Bar Computer Organizer with 6 USB ports

Hem is design made easy

iPhone / iPad mini-projector

A printer that uses pencil? That would be awesome.

Printer Pencil by Hoyoung Lee » Yanko Design

Notes toaster

Honey I Left It On The Toast » Yanko Design

My cat would love a "grass ball".

Random Pictures Of The Day - 68 Pics

A finger mouse and laser pointer.

Genius Ring Mouse with Laser Pointer

Laundry folder

6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Drain wig

Stuffed animal bean bag

GPS lost and found kit

Sugar bowl that balances and swivels inside the milk container

6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Track your precious stuff -- keys, purse, kids -- with this and a smartphone app.

This is great if you have a ton of gadgets. Charge 5 devices from a single power source.

Node Electric Outlet eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square! - crazy!

Hardbox External Drive Case With Hardcover Book Camouflage

ChargeCard - Slim USB Cable, Credit Card Sized - iPhone 5

Workstation and multi-touch computer in one.

Attach this to anything and it becomes trackable by your iPhone. Never lose your keys or your dog ever again. I don't know what's stopping a thief from just pulling the device off of said unit and tossing it in a well