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I feel like scientists/inventors should watch Doctor Who before inventing things.

Not getting your way is NOT persecution!

Feminism + Barbie. A different perspective.

The prayer of the Browncoats.

If Disney princesses had moms!

This kid who sat next to me in class had his phone volume one and the text tone was a dalek saying "exterminate!" Needless to say that when it went off in the middle of class I jumped out of my chair so fast that it tipped over and I was sitting on a different table across the room before anyone could blink! Looking around I was relieved that 2 other people had reacted the same way! <-- Wow.<--Beautiful!

I thought Rose and Jack, too, as any Whovian would.

T8mo66Lts-k.jpg (453×604) I wish I could figure out how to upload my own.............

She makes a good point.