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Hey, Girl ~ Ryan Gosling

Hey, Girl ~ Ryan Gosling

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Ryan Gosling finally eats his cereal as a tribute after viral Vine star Ryan McHenry dies of cancer.

Ryan Gosling finally eats his cereal after viral Vine star Ryan McHenry dies of cancer

I would never turn down your cookies, Ryan!

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Hey girl ~ Funny maintenance guy

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Hey girl ~ You can pull up your tights

Hey girl ~ Pinterest recipes (And he cooks, too, girls!)

Here's a Pinterest Recipes Meme to Brighten Your Day

Ryan Gosling

Ideal Weight (Ryan Gosling) | HUMAN

Hey girl ~ Answer

Hey girl ~ lacking Vitamin U

Hey girl ~ Weatherman predicts Daryl Dixon!

  • Empressoni

    Works better with Ryan Goseling

Hey girl ~ Cupcake

Hey girl ~ Don't shop...Adopt!

Four Rescue Dogs That Will Melt Your Cold Cold Heart

Hey girl ~ heavy hand

Hey girl ~ Ryan wants to kiss you on your webcam. :)

Ryan Gosling Wants To Kiss You For V-Day

Hey girl ~ use my chest (Thanks, Ryan!)

  • Toni Marie
    Toni Marie

    HAHAHAHA love this

  • Primal Fenix
    Primal Fenix


Hey girl ~ wine corks

Hey girl ~ proofreading

Hey girl ~ Cold feet

hey girl, you can put your cold feet on my thighs…
  • Anna Martine
    Anna Martine

    Best. One. Ever.

  • Jennifer Mason
    Jennifer Mason

    LOVE THIS BOARD!! Started my own. :D

  • Micha M.
    Micha M.


  • Cora Llanos
    Cora Llanos

    Love it! My Puchee hates when I put my cold feet btw his thighs.

Hey girl ~ Ryan wants my booty!

Who Says 8 is Enough?

Hey girl ~ Sparkle (Ryan, you say the nicest things!)

  • Katie Kasten
    Katie Kasten

    Oh Ryan, you're too much! ❤️

  • Laura Ochoa
    Laura Ochoa

    S. Mata lol

  • Haley Duxbury
    Haley Duxbury

    I hope you know I'm dying right now :) Tim Outten

  • Kari Hufhand
    Kari Hufhand

    Hahaha Jennifer Mutchler Mary Gidcumb this is my new fave!

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Hey girl ~ George Takei

Hey girl I love you like George Takei loves Facebook


ryan gosling hey girl

Hey girl ~ card catalog

Hey girl ~ Standardized tests

Hey girl ~ honey and egg mask

Hey girl ~ Satisfy my query