Mrs. Artwork - glimpses of my art education: Op Art - part 2: Beads

Optical Illusion Art Idea I want to try this! I'll put the link to the instructions to this activity, & more op art ideas, in the comments below.

Love the colours!

German multimedia artist Katja Windau extended the life of her recent wall installation Die Zelle des Piet M (“The Cell of Piet M.”) Inspired by Piet Mondrian, inventor of neoplasticism, she

Interior colour trends for SS16: Get to know dusty pink and rose gold

This is just what I've been looking for to help me decide. I don't want blue, but lighting plays such a role in how we perceive these colors.


"Nike BYG" [BringYourGame], Branding and Graphic Poster Design by "Feixen" Studio Design, (Switzerland) of Felix Pfäffli (b. Swiss) / Other proposals, Other Posters ~ "Feixen Studio" is an Independent Design Studio based in Lucerne, (Switzerland).

Colorful Surreal Scenes By Artist Lee Sol

Colorful Surreal Scenes By Artist Lee Sol

Shine Bright No.2 Art Print by lovelysweetwilliam on Etsy

Shine Bright Art Print by lovelysweetwilliam on Etsy, use combination of bold paint strokes within the monsters and combine with pattern?

Native of Dublin, Maser is a renowned artist for his colorful installations and his ability to add surrealism in the everyday life. The artist composes geometri