Art project. Thumbprint portrait. Scraps of paper all about you. #dreameveryday

This would be a great craft for book club or bulletin board of favorite books thru year of students. Your 50 favourite titles turned into a unique thumb print by cheryl sorg art inspired by - and made from - books

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I hope one day my fig tree will grow up to produce beautiful figs that look like these :-} おいしい

This has to be one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen..! [juicy, deep red, summer // @thefirstmess]


Roasted Tomato Soup with garlic and thyme. Looks so fresh and delicious! Found on juicy, deep red, summer //

Blood Orange Margaritas Recipe

Blood Orange Margaritas

This picture stood out to me in a sea of other photos because of the beautiful color of the blood oranges. The deep purple from the blood oranges and the green from the limes blends together beautifully and creates a stunning photograph.

30 Examples of Food Photography - From Studded Legume Images to Suspended Fruit Photos (TOPLIST)

30 Examples of Food Photography

I raised boys, so this looks like a watermelon seed spitting contest! (watermelon seed rain by sarah illenberger)

Hanger steak with Italian salsa verde

Amp up your beef with herbs

Hanger steak with Italian salsa verde. Crystal will probably make with white wine dijon sauce too.

Les fruits et légumes verts sont excellents pour la santé ! Encore plus s'ils sont cuisinés à la plancha.

Study: Leafy Green Vegetables May Boost Your Immune Defenses

{Food Photography} A Few of My Tips & Tricks - Katie's Cucina

{Food Photography} A Few of My Tips & Tricks

The Language of Food Photography Part Finding your style via Walerysiak Walerysiak 5 Tips for Lifestyle Photography Food Photogra.

Citrus Still Life Food Photography Photo Print by AmyRothPhoto, $15.00

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The Tasty Pinterest Roundup: Christmas Breakfast - Shrinking Kitchen (Healthy ideas!)

The Tasty Pinterest Roundup: Christmas Breakfast

Mario Batali's Eggs In Hell-made this for breakfast today & it was delicious! I split the recipe in half & did one spicy as instructed & the other not fresh jalapeño, green pepper, no chile flakes). It was DELICIOUS! Made Italian toast on the side too :)


Photo (wonder / wander)

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tumblr n3iqnf8xdW1qkegsbo1 500 Random Inspiration 129 | Architecture, Cars, Style & Gear

Random Inspiration 129

I love your cooking! YOu make the best Mexican food and even your own recipes you make up and have passed down to me. I love when you make tamales for Christmas.and when I came to visit you always had enough food for everyone.

david abrahams watermelon still life

David Abrahams’ Still Life Photography

David Abraham's watermelon still life. I love this sculpture. I could do a sculpture similar to this piece.

Food art - colorful!  Apple, Orange, Pear, Lemon, ?!, Pear

25 aliments sains pour grignoter sans grossir