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Tuesday, October 9, is World Mental Health Day. So we asked our on-call psychologist, Lauren Hazzouri, to break down some things we don't always talk about when we talk about mental health.  Instead...

I don’t discuss business projects with family or close friends, and when it comes to stuff closer to the heart (like dropping a few.

House of Prayer and Learning at Petriplatz, Berlin

LIGHT: This is a photography of a hallway in a cathedral. There is very white, visual light shining through the windows which creates shadows on the floor. The design is very clear and simple because there are no colors or any disaccords.

Lanxi Curtilage - Поиск в Google

dequalized: “ Theresia Bastion, public space designed by Archaeus. The building is located in Timisoara, Romania. The building covers an area of about 000 square meters. The name Theresia Bastion.

Architecture Archives - leManoosh

architectureuberalles: “ Model by Mario Botta of Borromini’s San Carlo Church in Lugano, Switzerland.