Museum of Sex Posters

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Artsy, collectible postcards from around the globe? It’s a sketchbook full of hand-drawn street views by Lehel Kovács,

geoff mcfetridge

simple illustrations by LA based artist/illustrator Geoff McFetridge. All of these drawings were part of a project he did for Nike, called Nike Dunks

This is for using comic sans! #typography

A little humor for the end of the semester - we need it. There are people in my office who still design posters with Comic Sans. Perhaps if I resorted to physical violence, I could remove it from the walls.

César del Valle

Cesar Del Valle’s character drawings interactive with the actual sheet of paper or the art gallery space. You can view more of his work at Behance Network. Artwork © Cesar Del Valle Link via Behance Network

imagined bookcovers by Jenny Volvovski

Jenny Volvovski called From Cover to Cover. After completing a novel, Jenny illustrates and designs book covers based on her interpretation.