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fabric flower tutorial. A great beginner hand sewing project.

pretty flower diy : You can put them in two layers using a slightly smaller circle for the top layer petals and it's really cute to use two different patterns and cover the button in fabric used in your bow. ok, i will try it as a gift for a little girl.

自制可爱的太阳花发圈的方法图解 材料:不织布 剪刀 针线 胶水 饰物 将不织布剪成如上图所示的样子,中间剪成这样子的一段段。 将布条对折,然后用针线缝起来,针距5mm为佳。 如果想要花朵大一点,可以稍微抽松一点,盘圈大一点;如果想要花朵小一点,可以稍微抽紧一点,盘圈小一点。 想要做大一点的发饰的话,中间孔留大一点;想要做小一点的话,中间孔留小一点。 花朵大一点,搭配25mm扣子;花朵小一点,搭配20mm扣子。图中搭配的是25mm的扣子。 再加上发圈就OK了。

Homemade lovely flowers for hair or decoration. Make with scraps of fabric or felt and a button. Easy project to do for a gift.