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Created by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, Zits is about the life of Jeremy Duncan, a aspiring rock musician, riddled with boredom and parents who don't understand anything.

'White Bellied Sea Eagle. Reflection' by Alex Shar ~ a.k.a., White Breasted Sea Eagle

" by Jim Wu. A great reflection shot of a White-bellied Sea Eagle about to break the water's surface. This species is indigenous to southeast Asian and Australia.

Garfield (Jan/05/2017)

Created by Jim Davis, Garfield is about the famous fat cat and his hilarious daily adventures with his "pal" Odie and others.

The Red-Browed Pardalote is a small brightly coloured insectivorous passerine, endemic to Australia. A gleaning specialist, they forage primarily in eucalypt trees.

This bird is called a Red-browed Pardalote. Native to Australia, the Red-browed Pardalote is unique in that this bird makes its nests underground at the end of a tunnel. This bird is definitely different with that headdress. LOL ~Me