Gerard Butler and his pug, Lolita.

BERRY hot men: Guys with animals (30 photos)

Gerard Butler and his pug, Lolita. This SHOULD say: Lolita pug and her celebrity, Gerard Butler. Gotta luv a man who luvs his pug.

Charlie Hunnam Doesn't See A Stretch Between Similarities With ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Jax Teller, Highlight Hollywood News

Charlie Hunnam - Jax Teller in Sons Of Anarchy soon to be Christian Grey. Man it coulda been magic

Clint Eastwood might be the sexiest man that ever lived. Just sayin..

Brilliant actor, love his Dirty Harry movies, and his spaghetti westerns and some of his latest films.

RIP...Paul Walker ❤

Paul Walker, loved those blue eyes since highschool. RIP u r missed by many!

Can you even handle this picture? Look me in the eyes right now and tell me you can handle this.

"Brothers" united in real life and fiction: Tom Hiddleston (plays Loki) and Chris Hemsworth (plays Thor)

Jason Statham. Love the accent!!!

Afternoon eye candy: Jason Statham (21 photos)

Hugh Jackman.  I love him in the wolverine!

'Wolverine is the backbone of my career': Hugh Jackman on how the clawed superhero changed his life and revived the comic-book movie genre

dailydoseofdilf: “ “ thedailybeard: “ fuckyeahhughjackman: “ Hugh Jackman by Nino Muñoz for GQ Australia, August Edition, ” Hugh is a beautiful man. like damn. ” It’s the beard.