Kid Activity box at a wedding I so wish I saw this before our wedding. I wanted so bad to make a kids table with games and stuff but there was no room. :( however they did entertain themselves just fine on the dance floor. Lol

What To Include In A Child's Wedding Activity Pack

Kid Activity box at a wedding- good to have to keep all the little ones busy at the wedding :-).forget KIDS, coloring/activity book for EVERYONE!

How to make a "honeymoon fund" shadowbox savings frame!

Learn how to make this darling honeymoon fund frame!

How to make a "honeymoon fund" shadowbox savings frame! Instead of honey fund, Norway Fund!

Homemade Candle Cocktails! cheap and easy homemade present

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. Everyday Everything: Candle Cocktails. How to make candles in your favorite cocktail glass.

Solid (soap), turns to liquid when gets hot, turns back to solid when gets cold. (Opposites:hot/cold)

Soap Making for Kids: DIY Sea Creature Soap Craft

Soap Making for Kids: DIY Sea Creature Soap Craft. The kids LOVED making soap for one of their Bible class rotations. I'm sure they'd love this!

I am not sure if I would want to go this far with the detailing but I like the idea of having a bit of our wedding colors on my nails too.

Another cute wedding nails idea. I like this more than the white feathers one I pinned earlier.

SO creative! WEDDING GUESTBOOK Alternative - Mitjuju Flying Hearts - 120 guest sign, Unique GuestBook

Wedding Guestbook Alternative: poster art print of hearts in white or teal with names and wedding date at the bottom guest sign)

I am DOING this - almost exactly!  @Maggie Simpson @Kristen Hayworth @Leah Yenney @Rachael Yenney    Peacock Wedding Theme Ideas

Love the colors. Peacock Inspired Wedding Don't really care for the peacock wedding theme but I love the way these colors pop with the black dresses

DIY Chemical Free "Jelly" Soap   Wiggly Jiggly Bath Time fun for kids!   --You can scent it however you want - without bad for you fragrances!  From

Jelly Soap - Synthetic Fragrances Free & Chemical Free Soap for kids - it wiggles and jiggles and lathers up really well! You can scent it with scented castile soap or essential oils for safe and pretty scents.ours smelled like CUPCAKES!

Peacock green shoe  CLICK THE PIC and Learn how you can EARN MONEY while still having fun on Pinterest

Shoe Clips Navy Purple Green Rooster & Ostrich Feather. Fun Bride Bridal Bridesmaid Couture Fashion, Birthday Engagement Bachelorette Party