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Free! Uno like game follows the rules of UNO (R) by Mattel, but is customized for speech therapy by featuring target words that contain /s/ and /z/ sounds.

Sequencing Mats for Teaching Sequencing Skills

CVC Words Fluency Books

This product contains a CVC Words Fluency Book that will help the students increase their phonological awareness and CVC word recognition. Each sound in the word is represented by a dot. The student is supposed to touch each dot and say the sound, then blend all the sounds together and read the word.Example : cat The student has to look at each letter, make each sound, and then say the sounds fast to make the word: c - a - t catThe CVC words are presented in the following order…

4 Great Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Activities You Won't Want to Miss!

Give your non-readers a chance to enjoy reading independently with these easy readers. "I see a..." Speech Therapy, Special Education, Autism