painting by Jarek Puczel

Jarek Puczel is an artist born in 1965 in Ketrzyn, Poland. In his paintings he catches apparently calm and unspectacular moments through expressive colours and reduced details. Related: Jarek Puczel on iGNANT Jarek.

By mark boedges

"Gold Brook" by Mark Boedges - "This brook near Stowe had a wonderful Yellow Ochre harmony that I simply could not resist. The subtle shifts of temperature across the entire Yellow Ochre color chart were a joy to capture".

Aldro T Hibbard

Aldro Hibbard paintings Aldro Hibbard A T Hibbard - We buy and sell Aldro Hibbard A T Hibbard Painting

Portrait // by Jeff Hein

Jeffrey Hein is a contemporary oil painting artist who was born in 1974 in New York. His realistic painting technique is known for classical art.

Lockland // by Bram Bogart | Flickr

Bram Bogart 'Lokland', Bram Bogart retrospective exhibition, Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

By Markus Schinwald

Markus Schinwald

Fausto Pirandello (1899-1975, Italian), Palestra

"Thanks, but I've got my own soap." Though relatively unknown today in the art school and painters circles, Fausto Pirandello is one of my most favorite modern artists, and one I dutifu.