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New York City. Present & Past. People & Buildings. Gardens & Streets. Yellow cabs & Bridges. Photographs and Paintings
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NYC. Manhattan from above

New York City, USA. One day was not enough to see everything.(an amazing perspective!

NYC. 5th Avenue at night

Avenue, NYC" Love this photo! The angle at which this is taken uses the skyscrapers as an outline around the street to vaguely resemble the shape of the entire island of Manhattan.

NYC. Photograph from the 8th floor of JetBlue Headquarters, 27-01 Queens Plaza, looking West

Photographed from the floor of JetBlue Headquarters, Queens Plaza, NYC. Video Camera Everywhere King Joy Richard Preuss of Denmark Joy Richard Preuss Money The Girl Got Her Own Money USA Today The Republic of Joy Richard Preuss All Cameras

NYC. Park Avenue from the air, looking South

432 Park Avenue, Tallest Residential Tower in Western Hemisphere

NYC. Central Park West and Upper West Side looking North

Fox Residential will find your dream home in your favorite neighborhood! Central Park West (Upper West Side), New York City

NYC. 2nd Tallest building in the City

manhattan-madison-avenue: “newyorkcityfeelings: “ Tallest building in NYC

NYC. Manhattan  taken from up above // by Donna Dotan

Vibrant Reflection Photos of NYC Taken by Looking Down from Skyscraper Windows

Reflections From Above by Donna Dotan By simply pointing her camera downwards outside the window of NYC skyscrapers, the photographer is able to capture a beautiful display of symmetry, lights, and.

NYC. Good old nights

World Trade Center. Never Forget.I will never be able to show these to you in person, it is sad that they were taken away from us, but an important memory none-the-less

NYC. At 1,396 feet, 432 Park Avenue building , in midtown Manhattan

Contrast: At feet, 432 Park Avenue (left), in midtown Manhattan, towers over the Empire State Building (right), which is feet

NYC. Brooklyn Bridge from above, looking South

Seeing Brooklyn Bridge always brings the feeling of admiration, but observing it from high above makes me speechless. (Photo by Constantine Onishchenko) Shop