Extreme sport

Go rafting, they said. River is calm, they said. They forgot about the WATERFALL! omg so funny. This would be my luck. I would feel so vulnerable in a raft after being in my kayak for so long.

Mountain Biking, the Dolomites, Trentino, Alto Adige, Italy

Extreme Cycling - This seriously made my heart drop, I'm so scared of heights! These peeps are crazy.

Richie and Manfred shredding at one of the best locations ever Terre Noir meaning Black Earth

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Photo of Richie Schley & Manfred Stromberg in Digne les Bains, France. Richie & Manfred shredding at one of the best locations ever, Terre Noir (meaning Black Earth)

Gimnastics, 2010 // by Eileen Langley

Photo by Eileen Langsley - Aurelia Dobre (Romania) on the way to winning the world title at the 1987 Rotterdam World Championships gymnastics

Skiing. Ghost in the whiteness //  by Geoff Holman

Ghost in the whiteness by Geoff Holman on truefie captures the moment of extreme sport ski

Kick ass

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Tennis. Roger Federer Australian Open 2014.

Federer king of tennis nike RF and Friends RF charity 2014 Federer - Sports et équipement - Tennis - Nike