Raindrops and Roses

Sacred places are not triads of visual places but rather human self of three demensions - third eye – (thoughts) -throat voice (sound) and heart (emotions)

Nomad Beads

riviera maya

10 Tours Not to be Missed Around the Riviera Maya, Mexico

10 Naturally Perfect Places in Wisconsin

10 Naturally Perfect Places in Wisconsin

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin. See Wisconsin's 10 Beautiful Spots You Need to Visit at by clicking here

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Apostle Islands, Wisconsin- One of my favorite places in the world.

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I love Egypt so much. Seriously I don't think there is a more amazing place in the world, though England is a close second

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The Dark Side of the Pyramid- Cairo- Egypt

Well Done Stuff

A look at the moon

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Opera House, Sydney.

Superb Long Exposure Sydney Photography By Yury Prokopenko

The word Tepui comes from the ancient Pemon language, where it means “house of the gods”. Largely found in South America, tepuis are mesas that rise abruptly from the jungle and give its visitors spectacular views of the surrounding widlife. one tepui, Auyantepui, is the source of angel falls, the wolrds tallest waterfall

Tepui, The Table Of The Gods - All That Is Interesting

Birthday Canyon in Greenland with striking shades of aquamarine

The Most Breathtaking Travel Photos on Pinterest

Les plus belles destinations d'Italie - Pise

Les plus belles destinations d'Italie

Les plus beaux sites du patrimoine mondial de l'unesco - taj mahal inde 8 | Vanity Fair

Les plus beaux sites du patrimoine mondial de l'unesco

Turquoise Sea, Menorca Island, Spain

Blue Pueblo, Turquoise Sea, Menorca Island, Spain photo via...

The tallest bridge in the world - the Millau Bridge, France

pictures of bridges around the world - Bing

Carnac stones in France There are over 3,000 megalithic standing stones in perfect lines spread over 12 kilometers. Greater feat than Stonehenge! Local myth claims a Roman legion was marching when the wizard Merlin turned them into stone.

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Paris, Eiffel Tower, super moon. Because you- Kimberly- really can't have too many pictures of the Eiffel Tower ;).

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Easter Island is one of the most remote, inhabited islands in the world, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, more than 2,000 miles off the coast of South America. The island is famous for it these giant stone heads (called "moai"), carved by the indigenous Rapa Nui people more than 500 years ago.

Easter Island: Day By Day | Ever In Transit

Rosslyn Chapel, properly named the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew, was founded on a small hill above Roslin Glen as a Catholic collegiate c...

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Etretat, France

Etretat, France

A famous spot in France, St Etienne abandoned church…LAUREN CAN WE PLEASE GO

A famous spot in France, St Etienne abandoned church…

O famouso Púlpito da Rocha na primavera da Noruega. Fotografia: Bargotiphotography | via Shutterstock.

15 reasons why Norway will Rock your World.

Kuala LampurPetronas Towers, also known as the Petronas Twin Towers. Between 1998 and 2008, they were tallest buildings in the world. They are also the landmark of Kuala Lumpur.These beautiful towers were designed by Argentinian architect César Pelli and the style chosen for them was postmodern, simple and bold.

10 Famous Buildings That You Absolutely MUST See