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the book cover for digital learning and strategy
Digital Learning Strategies: How do I assign and assess 21st century work? (ASCD Arias)
New book from Mike!
the cover of upgrade your curriculum
Upgrade Your Curriculum: Practical Ways to Transform Units and Engage Students
From ASCD - Upgrade Your Curriculum: Practical Ways to Transform Units and Engage Students
the app icon shows an image of a paper plane, which appears to be flying through the air
Animoto for iPad
a white circle on a blue background with the word's logo in the center
PREZI for iPad: Students can use Prezi to demonstrate what they've learned in an interactive presentation format.
the word scottpad with owls on it
Scootpad: Great Common Core Practice Site!
Scootpad is a great site where students can practice math and reading skills that correlate with the Common Core! It is free, has no ads, and students love it!
the numbers are displayed in black and white on a purple background, as well as an image of a clock
Comparing fractions...this looks awesome!
the wall has many different signs on it
ナニックが誇る高品質ブラインド サンゲツ
100 ipad apps for middle school
an image of a poster with instructions on how to use the numbers for each item
Virtual Manipulatives for IPAD
a blue square with the letter o on it's left side and an x in the middle
Proportion Solver - Definite math tool needed
a black square button with a pencil and paper on it's left hand side
Tactilis - Hands down the best, free app for showing mathematical work on any problem.
a magnifying glass is shown in front of a white background with green accents
Number Line - great for fraction, decimal, percent work - free
the words show me written on a whiteboard with a marker
‎ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard
Show Me - great for tutorials This is the app I show teachers who are using the Khan Academy app. Let the kids make their own Khan Academy and host the videos on your school's website!
an icon with the letter m on it in front of a blue and orange background
Motion Math - great for movement and math work
a cartoon frog with the words frecky fraction on it's face and arms
Freddy Fraction-work with fractions, decimals, percents while leading Freddy to his spaceship-Students love it, even 8th graders!
the ipads in schools live binder is displayed on a white background with black text
Copy of iPads in Schools by Mike Fisher
iPads in schools.