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Learn Eight Field Photography Tricks In 90 Seconds If you’re looking to boost your field photography skills, these eight clever tricks can be done with common items almost everyone has.

But they were apparently a thing for a while, and if you have a box cutter and an old CD case lying around, you already ha

▶ 5 DIY Lighting Setups You Can Try at Home - YouTube

Don't own a studio or have any money to spend? Fear not, we have some thrifty lighting setups that you can try without leaving the comfort of your home or ha.


hould consider using a light panel instead of a softbox for your next shoot. In this, part two, I am going to: Show you how to create your own self-standing PVC light panel frames and accessories Share some cheap fabric alternatives to use with your new …

DIY lens cap holder for camera

This instructable shows how to make a lens cap holder for your camera.I spent quite some time to look for my lens cap so I thought the best would be to attach it to.

$30 Ikea Camera Slider

Make Your Own DIY Camera Slider: Instructables user DerekMellot put together this build using a cutting board, glider and hook accessories, a triple curtain rail, and two ceiling fixtures (used as a mount for the curtain rail to rest on).