Michael H

Michael H

I like to exercise and do relaxation exercises to stay in shape.
Michael H
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Mountain climbers.

20 minutes is not always enough time to build muscle, reduce fat, lose weight or improve your cardiovascular endurance. Get fit and stay fit in just 20 minutes a day.


Doing push ups with your feet in the air can be extremely difficult. Make it possible by progressing from one exercise to another. Push up and lift your full bodyweight.

Are push ups enough? Can you bulk up doing difficult push up variations?

To see if I could bulk up doing push-ups I switched to push up variations that required more strength. I increased the difficulty of each rep to build more muscle with fewer push-ups.

Medicine ball workout. Bodyweight, cardio, jumping & throwing Exercises.

Adding weight to bodyweight & cardio exercises is a good way to burn more calories, lose more fat & build more muscle. Throwing medicine balls & jumping is a good way to build explosive power.

Doing the gorilla walk exercise.

Mix up your workout routine. Walk on your hands to improve strength, endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility. Animal walks like the bear walk are good upper body strength exercises.

Up against a door or wall Exercises. Mix up your workout routine.

Put your back or feet against a wall or other solid vertical surface to add more variety to your workout routine. Make easy body weight exercises more challenging and impossible exercises easier.

Cardio strength training. Quickly build lean muscle, burn calories and lose fat.

Quickly transform your body with cardio strength exercises. Combine cardio exercises and strength training to strengthen your heart and lungs, lose fat and build muscle.