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No Matter What I always forgive so I can move forward with my Life.It's not worth it to remain bitter or not to forgive then you can't move forward.

Quote Life happens chocolate helps wonderful wednesday words I have a square or two of dark chocolate every night as I read my book at bedtime.

no regrets.

making a big life change is pretty scary. but, know what's even scarier? Yes, making a BIG LIFE CHANGE over

grass is greener

grass is greener where you water it …so true! for so many….WATER YOUR OWN DAMN GRASS….and stop tryin to water minezzzzzzzzz…we doing jus fine ova here♥

File cabinet turned garage organizer.

Filing cabinet turned into yard tool storage! Have a beat-up file cabinet? Perfect storage bin for yard tools. Nice use of peg board on ends for power cords or garden hose.