If you are a PC, liberal D-bag then you don't want to enter this board because it will offend you. If you do enter and you complain to Pinterest you are a complete moron!

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Just Fucking Brilliant!! <3 This!

In case you don't won't read all of this. It's about a professor telling a student about how God is not real. Then the student burns the professor wrong (is was an amazing burn!)The student was Einstein😱.


Shame on you…

Are you retarded? God I Can't stand some people. Mostly animal activists.

So true

We have one chance at this life, do not be afraid to be you. Even if it means standing on your enemies for what you believe is true and just! Do not fall silent.

Apologize Forgive Forget

I'm learning how to apologize, forgive and forget. I'm learning how to be brave, strong and happy =)

God bless our soldiers.

It's sad that everyone in DC keeps padding their pockets while men and women in the Armed Forces keep getting screwed! God Bless our Military and the wonderful families that support them!


Sign posted by a neighbor fed up with people complaining about him flying the American flag. Why do people ever have issues with someone flying the American flag in their yard in the U. If it were some kind of hate flag I would totally understand.

And it's YOUR 1.5 billion tax dollars that King Barry sent to the Muslim Brotherhood to make sure that was changed.  IDIOT.

Israel is the ONLY nation in the Middle East that defends the concept of religious freedom for all of its citizens — so let's defend Israel!

Obama. Gun control funny humor liberals suck

How would having a Job irritate Obama? He would just point to that as proof that he's a good president, and doing a great job. Pictures like this are dumb, and only shared because they're anti-Obama.

gun control tyranny government Obama sucks, liberals suck

guns don't get up and kill people. People kill each other, either driven by reason or insanity. A sane man will defend his family and himself. Outlawing firearms will kill more people than it will save.