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for egg laying. Meat birds come from the store. :)


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The Chicken Chick®: Cucumber Tetherball: Chicken Boredom Buster

Cucumber Tetherball: Chicken Boredom Buster

How to Train a Dog to Protect Chickens:

The Egg-Cellent Guide to Chicken Breeds - Wells Poultry Blog @Stephanie Gauthier @Marcel Deterra

What to do with an egg-bound hen. We just lost one to this. I wish I would have read this sooner. :(

What To Do With An Egg Bound Hen

New chickens should be confined to a dedicated pen away from the existing flock.

Quarantine of Backyard Chickens: When and How

Adding apple cider vinegar to our chickens water a few times a week not only makes the water more appealing to them, it also keeps the waterers cleaner and controls the bacteria both in the water and in the hens digestive system. The vinegar boosts good bacteria and is thought to also even combat coccidia, which is present in most chicken runs, no matter how fastidiously they are cleaned.

Make your own Apple Cider Vinegar

Just a random online thread, but great idea for easy nesting boxes!

Great pictorial on favorite weeds for chickens Farshad Inanlou-eggs-daily...

A chicken chunnel! Run it around your garden for pest control...


How to get rid of rats in the chicken coop ~ImaginAcres~

How to get rid of rats in your chicken coop

How to feed your used eggshells back to chickens for calcium.

How to Feed Eggshells to Chickens

homemade chicken waterer- so stinking simple and smart! (Wonder if you could do the same thing with a large "Gatorade" cooler and give your hens cool water in the summer.)

Homemade Chicken Drinker

I hang cabbages and kale leaves all tied together- my girls LOVE to peck at it while it swings around

Chicken Cabbage Tether Ball | HenCam

I love the graduated design of this roost. There's plenty of room for them to spread out but no one is sitting underneath another hen and in the direct line of fire!

Mallory's Chicken Mansion now open!

"As a vet, I recommend that everyone raising hens change from open water sources to nipple drinkers....the hens get plenty of water, and the disease reduction is so striking that there is no doubt which is better." Dr. Mike Petrik, The Chicken Vet

LOVE this!!! Great way to rotate crops and get the chooks to safely turn over JUST their allocated bed

Orchard and Veggie Patch » Less than 2 Degrees

Roosters are great for protecting your flock. Unfortunately, they often tear up their hens during mating. Here is an easy and effective way to protect your

Make a No-Sew Chicken Saddle

Weird Eggs 101: The Oddities Explained: Yellow Birch Hobby Farm

Yellow Birch Hobby Farm: Weird Eggs 101: The Oddities Explained

Adding an automatic pop door to your coop!

Chicken Farming Series Part One – Automatic Pop Door


5 Steps to Get the Best Eggs Possible - Hobby Farms

Common Baby Chick Ailments and Natural Treatments - respiratory, coccidiosis, Marek's, pasty butt, spraddle leg, scissor beak, stargazing

When it comes to your chickens’ health, providing a safe, clean, predator-proof environment for your flock and making sure they have access to nutritious feed and fresh water go a long way. #chicken #backyardchicken

Sick Chickens? Spot the Symptoms [Infographic] - Hobby Farms

Raising Worms for Feeding Your Chickens - My Pet Chicken Blog

Raising Worms for Feeding Your Chickens

Chicken Behavior - The Ignorant Gal’s Guide to Things No Sane Person Would Tell You about Chickens

Homestead Survivalist: Top 5 Tips For Building A Chicken Coop