We rescued some large mid century drawers and turned them into bright side tables. Finished in Duck Egg and Cream with flower and bird house…

Upcycled Drawers to Side Tables


Bring this idea to life! Use an old door to create shelf space in your bedroom, or kitchen!

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If you looked in your garbage can or recycling bin right now, you are likely find a collection of cardboard boxes, cartons, jars, and other containers considered by most to be junk. Do you have a hard time throwing that "junk" away, thinking of all the possibilities of what it could become? Good news – you don’t have to! Read on as eBay shares some unique ways to reuse old containers and give them new life, saving them from the landfill!

Upcycling Projects for Earth Day


bottle green house. made by elementary school kids.

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Introducing the Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Introducing the Plastic Bottle Greenhouse | Off The Grid News


Interior view of the roof of a greenhouse made from recycled plastic bottles and timber

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plastic bottle greenhouse II

Why a plastic bottle greenhouse? Part II | Off The Grid News


Repurposed rotisserie chicken containers = windowsill greenhouses. Great to start veg. garden seeds.

Just another day!: Heirloom Seed Planting


Instructions for DIY planting containers made from recycled materials (2-liter soda bottles) for seed starting. Earth friendly craft, perfect for kids, winter sowing, etc.

Soda Bottle Mini Greenhouses (Dabbletree)


bottle greenhouse - I have been trying to figure out what to do with my Perrier bottles. I think they will be used for the new chicken coop!

Recycled Green: recycled greenhouses


Greenhouse made of plastic bottles! from RHS Campaign for School Gardening in the UK: http://apps.rhs.org.uk/schoolgardening/uploads/documents/Bottle_Greenhouse_837.pdf

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How to Construct a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse - http://www.decorationarch.com/creative-ideas/how-to-construct-a-plastic-bottle-greenhouse.html

How to Construct a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse


nursery: old entertainment center turned baby storage and diaper changing area. Genius!

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Take it outside and turn your old umbrella into a greenhouse or a protective covering for your plants ...

10 Ways to Repurpose Old Umbrellas - Dukes & Duchesses


Outdoor Vertical Gardens or Edible Living Walls -- Here is an interesting way to make an outdoor vertical garden or living edible wall. Anselor combined a homemade sub-irrigated planter (SIP), PVC pipe and wire fencing to make this vertical cucumber garden. Very cool! It's a great idea for edible gardening in small urban spaces. You don't need power tools to make these.

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Ever thought about growing your own plants, food, flowers, or trees? Well, with a little help of a cost effective greenhouse and an easy plan...

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Grow Beans In A CD Case. So weird. I just did this today in class and here it is pinned.

Grow Beans In A CD Case — Art Projects For Kids


DIY Recycled bike tire trellis FOR any vine growing plant ... even morning glories at curb side or green beans in the middle of the garden and great for tomato plants - plant the tomatoes near the center .. will hold 2 plants one on each side

Recycled Tire Trellis


Crystal Light Container Crafts. Could be great for wrapping small gifts. LOTS of great ideas.

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25 Ideas of How to Recycle Plastic Bags on America Recycles Day | Architecture, Art, Desings - Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design

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DIY Starbucks Bottle Dispenser for Soap, Lotion or Syrup | Crafts from putitinajar.com + mason jars, mason jars, mason jars.

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Learn how to cut wine bottles and beer bottles perfectly, and how to create rings for jewelry and chimes @savedbyloves

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Love how fun and colourful Magazine Beads are -a great way to recycle old magazines and while away a rainy afternoon!

How to... make Magazine Beads - Red Ted Art's Blog


Maybe larger square gallon jugs for holding craft supplies or keeping small things together in the closet, or...

DIY Plastic Bottle Napkin Holder DIY Projects | UsefulDIY.com


45 Ideas of How To Recycle Plastic Bottles | decorations | Recycle plastic creative

Awesome Ideas of How To Recycle Plastic Bottles