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Mike's Guide

Susquehanna river Bradford County PA  ·  I offer Full Service Guided Fishing trips on the North branch of the Susquehanna River.
Mike's Guide
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How I clean the house while my wife is at work!!!

How I clean the house while my wife is at work!

I'd hit that / you dirty

Little Known Ways To Go Fishing In Anambas With Mens Fishing Shirts Funny Life. Residents choose to do fishing activities when unable to go to sea bec.

Woodpecker Identification Chart | Exploring Nature Educational Resource

How fortunate we are here in Western New York to have 7 different species of Woodpeckers living amongst us. Important in controlling insect populations, Woodpeckers are greatly served by the presen…

About the size of a sparrow, the DOWNY WOODPECKER is the smallest American woodpecker.

The Downy Woodpecker. Keeps the beetles from killing my hardwood trees. American Indians believed the red patch on the head of the male was a badge of courage, and made this bird a symbol for bravery.

Red-breasted Nuthatch, Stittidae family. They have streaked plumage, a pointed bill w/ a lower mandible that angles upward; they like to cling to bark head down

Boomklever///A Red-breasted Nuthatch has even less of a red breast than the robin. This one has about the brightest "breast" pinnable. Here it is showing off it's acrobatic normalcy.