Photography Cheat Sheet

Photography Cheat Sheet Infographic… photojojo: “ Time to lay off the auto-setting! Thanks for the handy Photography Cheat Sheet, Miguel!

Sunny 16 Rule

‘Sunny 16 Rule - White’ T-Shirt by Alessandro Arcidiacono

Sunny 16 rule apertures and lighting conditions on a Samsung Galaxy phone case. Set shutter speed closest to the film speed. By Alessandro Arcidiacono

photos in low light how to

The ultimate tips for low light photography. Learn the intricate yet simple secrets behind low light photo quality through the ISO settings on your camera.


I know this isn't a mermaid, but I have dreams like this ALL THE TIME, where my house fills up with water and I swim to the ceiling and stuff. It's cool! Love this picture.


Funny pictures about A little girl and her elephant. Oh, and cool pics about A little girl and her elephant. Also, A little girl and her elephant photos.

if youre a bird im a bird

This is a clever and humorous photomontage. The picture appears to be of a boy flying with seagulls over the ocean. The two images used were of seagulls flying and a young boy swimming in the ocean.