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Plate X. The constellations of the Equatorial zone. Larousse Encyclopaedia of Astronomy. 1962.

Plate X. The constellations of the Equatorial... | nemfrog

GD Infographics

#Generative logo for OPTIX

Obras de Rafael Araujo


All the different permutations of four half-square triangles | aesthetics incorporated | Triangle Permutations

“Exactly what I thought they meant. “@TechnicallyRon: A simple guide to washing machine symbols

Katherine Rhodes on Twitter


Barbara Baldi

not shaking the grass

fractal solid models created by laser physicist Tom Beddard

Transcribed fax.

E.J. Brennan on Twitter

Where Art Meets Gif: The Hypnotic Animated Gifs of David Szakaly | Colossal

Animated Gifs.

New Mind-Warping Animated GIF Art from Paolo Čeric

Polar panorama with dr Amr Galal on Behance

Rosette 2: "Formed in 2005 following the rapid increase of West Nile Virus in California, this band of pest controllers cycle around San Francisco dispatching sachets of Vectolex into the drains to kill the little biters before they breed. After each drain is treated, the courier sprays a little dot of paint to mark it as completed – this season’s colour is blue."

Hidden signals | hellofosta

Penguin Science Fiction Covers: "Each bar is a "color trend timeline" showing what colors were used for the books' covers over the years. The longer a certain cover was in print, the more space Buxton gives it on the timeline. As for the individual covers: Buxton reduced each one to its five most common colors, then gave those colors space that is directly proportional to how prominently they figured on the cover."

"One of my favourite academic illustrations of all time, from Vertesi, J. (2012), ‘Seeing like a Rover: Visualization, embodiment, and interaction on the Mars Exploration Rover Mission’, Social Studies of Science, Vol. 42 (3): 393-414."

islamic pattern

matthew shlian 4th extraction black

Josef Albers

David Byrne, Morally Repugnant


Mary Martin, Drawing for Cross, 1968

|WSSS|RSCHN| | Mary Martin Drawing for Cross 1968 pen on paper

Computer Graphics & Art | TRIANGULATION BLOG

Computer Graphics & Art | TRIANGULATION

Manhattan (2014) — Art of the Title

Manhattan (2014) — Art of the Title

Romanian Cristian Boian's Digital Art 'Attempts 8'. For a tutorial on how he produces his art using automated techniques and mathematical curves, see "Use actions to create organic imagery". Computer Arts magazine online. August 30, 2011.