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The Innovations Of Steam ( a steampunk mod)[M]

Hartwig´s Steam Powered Repeater Rifle model 1895 know mostly as Steam Rifle is modular weapon system using one universal core lockwork system The Engine and various independent weapon attachement.

Engineer designs a cyberpunk themed wristwatch using a VFD display tube powered by a single AA battery. Unfortunately, it only runs for a few hours.

Lovely VFD wristwatch by John De Cristofaro! The ChronodeVFD is a personal project I’ve been working on for a couple of months. It’s a wristwatch built around the VFD display tube.


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Cleo Wattenström is truly a rare find—a tattoo artist who is known for both the beautiful art she creates and her striking looks. You’re going to need to head to Sweden in order to check out her work but this. [ read more ]