other ice cream dudes make pretty good 'scream too. check them out!

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If we're not eating our ice cream, then we make the trip to Brooklyn for Ample Hills Creamery

Make Your Own Damn Ice Cream
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Humphry Slocombe - San Francisco, CA - It's all about the Secret Breakfast.

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Berthillion - Île Saint-Louis, Paris. Luxury ice cream at its best. Berthillion's primary store in on the tiny Île Saint-Louis, and the lines can be ridiculous. It was good 'scream, and all natural, to boot.

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Hank's Ice Cream - Houston, TX. When I worked in Houston, I made quite the trek to get to Hank's. Definitely worth the trip.

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Frati Gelato Cafe - Fullerton, CA. My hometown friends raaaaved about Frati and their rotating flavors. They were right - I had their signature FRATE flavor and was sold. Best gelato I've had this side of the Atlantic. (Yeah, take that Grom.)

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Jake's Ice Cream - Atlanta, GA. I discovered Jake's while living in Atlanta, GA in 2005-2007. I happened to live RIGHT across the street from one of their parlors near Piedmont Park. Consequently, I developed the awesome habit of finishing a long run in the park with a healthy serving of Jake's brown sugar ice cream. Still have never tasted anything quite like that brown sugar 'scream. Great stuff.

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