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Use these 8 hip-opening stretches to increase your flexibility, reduce discomfort, and prevent injury.


5 Yoga Poses to Soothe Your Sciatica

Hopefully these will help loosen my hip flexors....finally!

You'll Want to Unroll Your Mat For This Happy Hips Yoga Sequence


8 Exercises to Get Rid of Back Fat

If back fat is one of your biggest body hang-ups, focusing on strengthening that area is key—and yet, it's often overlooked.


Get an Intense Burn With This 8-Minute Yoga Sequence

Yoga isn't always about relaxing, restorative poses. Feel your muscles burn with this 8-minute workout

5 Beginner Yoga Poses for Open Shoulders

Our shoulders are one of the largest and most ignored joints in the body. Check out these 5 beginner yoga poses for open shoulders to help maintain strength and flexibility in those joints. Click through for a FREE poster with more modifications.

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