Girl's dress out of old sweater

make a girls' dress from an old little girl's sweater dresses

Use some bandanas to make a picnic blanket - sew them together, then sew them to a sheet... there you go!

Picnic blanket: sew bandanas together then sew them to a sheet . lightweight and easy! - make as a duvet cover or do as a quilt, needs padding even for picnic blanket

Memory quilt made from old baby clothes. Wanting to do this!! One for boys and one girl

Queen Size Memory Quilt-Quilts memory quilts patchwork blanket rag quilt heirloom yesteryear tshirt quilt personal touches memories baby clothing quilt pink white shabby queen size handmade, I love this!

Simple quilt pattern.

Good idea to inspire a pieced quilt back Bijou Lovely: lovely designs: modern baby quilt.

super cute idea to use my old sweaters!

Old Sweater into Short Sleeve Dress (peasant style) I have so many sweaters that do not fit!

Loads of sewing instructions for beginners!

Sewing School tips and tricks for sewing a perfect stitch by Sunni, from Fashionables Stitch

cute quilt, called Rainbow Kite.

Someday I'll love something other than simple, primary color quilts best. But not anytime soon. This is called Rainbow Kite.

Cute, think I am gonna figure out how to do it and make it for a friends daughter :)

DIY – Square Circle Skirt-this is too cute and yet so simple! This would be so fun to adapt to an adult size. Maybe use more squares?

Easy rag quilt made in strips instead of squares.

Easy rag quilt made in strips instead of squares. Pinner writes: I have made 2 ragtime baby quilts using squares which is one of the easiest quilts to make.using strips would make it even less labor intensive & it's just as cute.

More ideas
T-shirt Quilt for those kids t-shirts with precious memories

T-shirt rag quilt tutorial! Want to do this with all the kid's t-shirts from sports & one from school tshirts.

Top 20 sewing blogs.

Top 20 - just when I think I've bookmarked every sewing site on the net.I find a few more. 5 or 6 of these were new to me.

College T-Shirt Rag Pillow

45 Awesomely Creative Ways to Reuse Restyle and Rewear Old T-Shirts

T-Shirt Rag Quilt Pillow - Another AWESOME idea to use up old t-shirts. Have a million pillows with lots of memories for the family room. Plus, using old t-shirts makes it washable. by carlani

Hello all, I'm Kelly from My Quilt Infatuation, and it's my turn to share a tutorial in the Oh, Sew Baby Series! This quilt is one of my favorite go-to quilts to make when I need a fast and fun bab

Oh Sew Baby: Strip Tango Baby Quilt Tutorial (Fort Worth Fabric Studio)

Oh Sew Baby: Strip Tango Baby Quilt Tutorial. My Quilt Infatuation for Fort Worth Fabric Studio. Lovely color scheme, very restful.

The best zipper tutorial I've seen. She uses scotch tape to hold down the zipper instead of pins-- genius!

The best zipper tutorial I've seen. She uses scotch tape to hold down the zipper instead of pins-- genius! *I am still scared of sewing zippers.

Good idea.

22 DIY Tricks to Make Parenting a Little Easier

Peasant dress upcycled from men's shirt. Daddy's little girl dress made from Daddy's shirt. Nolan does dad have any old shirts?

Obsessively Stitching: Disappearing Nine-Patch: I-Spy Version

The I Spy Disappearing Nine Patch is a great idea for kids quilt patterns because it serves as entertainment and style. Made with disappearing nine patch quilt directions, this kids quilt pattern is perfect for any little girl or boy's bedroom.