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What Are the Causes of Thirst During a Pregnancy?

Thirst in pregnancy can be a simple sign that your body needs more fluids or it can be a sign of a more serious complication. Always consult your doctor if.

chalkboard fridge

Chalkboard Kegerator Give new life to the grubby fridge in the garage by transforming it into a custom kegerator. Just grab some chalkboard paint, some tools, and a kegerator conversion kit, and you’ll be good to go!

Gypsys Nook: Porch Signs

Gypsys Nook: Porch Signs hey tabbie- this wud b great 4 a christ-mas gift 4 papa & me (hint hint) u cud make this!

Storage Shed Plans

How to Build a Cheap Storage Shed or play house. Printable plans and a materials list let you build our dollar-savvy storage shed and get great results.

oversized chair

This would be a great reading chair for the bedroom! Great corner chair Choose an oversized chair in a small space -- makes a statement -- gives comfy style.

I don't even try anymore....

I love you so much, I will even talk to you on the phone. (I HATE talking on the phone. But I will drop everything to talk to my husband when he calls.


Congrats on getting away with stuff I would get fired for. This would be funnier if it wasn't true.