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iinnppuutt: “indianen - theo de tekenmachine ”

iinnppuutt: “indianen - theo de tekenmachine ”

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This colourful series of ten historic computers, created in close collaboration between INK and Docubyte, documents the beginning of our computing history.Featuring such famous machines as the IBM 1401 and Alan Turing’s Pilot ACE, Guide to Computing sho…

PLATE+26 +Unique+product,+entirely+hand-made.+Stoneware+ceramics,+natural+paints.+Products+are+approved+for+contact+with+food.+Suitable+to+use+in+an+oven,+microwave+ovens+and+dishwashers.+Due+to+hand-made+technique+of+manufacturing,+there+may+be+slight+differences+in+the+shape+of+a+pot+and+the+ornamental+pat...

TALERZ 26 - CeramikaDesign - Lifestyle of Manufaktura for your home and table

Discover the Tokyo Design Studio Nippon Blue Dinner Plate - Stripe at Amara

This Nippon Blue dinner plate from Tokyo Design Studio is the perfect way to create a stunning table setting. Featuring vivid blue colouring, its crisp white porcelain has been adorned with a stunning

thedotisblack: “2017.5.16_21.5.28_frame_0048 Made with code / Processing Tumblr // Facebook // Twitter // Ello // Prints.. thedotisblack on YouTube The entire video how the pattern unfolds you can find on YouTube >> “Generative Pattern Drawing:...

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dustypalms: “Emma Mitchell ”

~ A space where I let the inspiration of Nature speak, sharing the beauty, magic, wisdom and wonder of our green planet, and her dreams and wishes of our magnificent future together ~

foodfuck: “jade noodles ”

Jade Noodles- loaded with fresh seasonal veggies and a delicious Sesame Dressing. Can be served warm or chilled!

birdasaurus: “Wit and Delight ”

Spruce up your Spring Table - Wit & Delight