The Italian Sailing Training ship : Amerigo Vespucci . Built in 1930 , the boat is based at Gênes

Ships of Jack Aubrey

The ships which the fictional Jack Aubrey commanded. Unlike that protagonist of Patrick O'Brian's epic Aubrey-Maturin novels;

SAILING SHIP ART IMAGES | COLUMBIA" - Watercolor, in Sailing Ship Paintings

"Columbia" by Steve Mayo. Watercolor painting of Captain Robert Gray's sailing ship.

Charles Vickery (1913-1998) - Détail

Charles Vickery ~ "Windy Weather -The Lighting" (Détail) ~ Oil on Canvas x

OF SECRETS BENEATH THE WAVES… by Rob "This northern boy" Turpin

thisnorthernboy: Of secrets beneath the waves…Roughly sketched in pencil before being inked with a Copic Multiliner and a Sakura Pigma Micron, in a Moleskine sketchbook.