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Chichibu Meisen Kimono with Multicolor Checks

Chichibu Meisen Kimono What a culture! I love the quiet, Zen art, the calligraphy, the exquisite fine dying and embroidery techniques.then they do BOLD so well too!

Fashion Plate - The Delineator, June 1898

Fashion Plate - The Delineator, June These ladies are fantastically exaggerated - impossibly tiny waists and too-long necks!

20s dresses, from Amy Jeanne on Flickr

1928 color illustration print dress day brown white black green casual fashion (the top right one for the day at the jail)

"Day and sport dresses, 1917 United States, The Delineator"

June The Delineator. Day and sports summer dreses. The square big lapels like the green blouse were very in, also the hat from that one reminds me a little to the british and american soldier's helmets.