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a black and white photo with the word title below it
Sketch #89
the wedding card is decorated with red flowers
Retro Tapestry Sketch
a black and white photo frame with hearts, stars and other things on the page
Paper Secrets April 15th Challenge
a scrapbook page with some flowers on it
Sketch #125
some pink flowers are in the middle of a white background with black and brown accents
Swirlydoos Scrapbook Kit Club
an image of a page with the word title in black and white, surrounded by different patterns
a black and white photo frame with an ornate pattern on the border, in front of a
a black and white drawing of three balloons in the air with stars above them, on top of a fence
Guest Designer on Sketchy Boards Blog
an old photo frame with some flowers and leaves on the bottom, in black and white
Little Red Scrapbook Co. Blog
an image of a book cover with the words title here and three books on it
two pictures with flowers and lace on them, one has an old fashioned photo frame
a black and white photo with the word title above it, surrounded by circles and arrows
Sketch #118
a stamp with the word photo on it and three stars in front of an arrow Sketch Gallery