Clouds inside

Indoor cloud installation- Idea: create different kinds of clouds and hang in classroom at correct levels (lower level, mid-level, high, vertical.) Turn classroom into cloud lesson with students.

Henri Cartier Bresson

Photo by Lithuanian-born photographer Andrej Vasilenko on a Lithuanian beach. It was shot in 2007 [three years after Cartier-Bresson passed away]. The model is Miglė Narbutaitė [not Isabelle Huppert],.

mom and daughter with braids intertwined

Two Girls Fine Art Print--Sisters Best Friends Mother Daughter Hair Braided Together Vintage Bunny Mustard Yellow Two Wholesale

Above the city.

You have one life to live. Do what thrills you, face your fears and enjoy the things in life that intice, inspire and excite you. Life without excitement or thrill is not a life lived, only spent.