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{*} MONDAY Happy Monday?

It's a girl thing (33 photos)

Aye. I'm Irish. It's how I manifest despair Like my designs? I accept Doge tips at: D8GQYeesoaf7uVCjJe1xDW6647TPtvLTUR


Story of my life....



Britain in My Heart - Hermione and Rose -- dr who

Checking someone's religion the old-fashioned way

  • Fredy Robles
    Fredy Robles

    This is dude's answer to a camel toe...a schlong toe.

Fits a couple of people I know.....

My life....

Cara Swan Remind you of anyone?

  • Corinne Schinzler
    Corinne Schinzler


hahahaoh my God, this is my thought so often!

Happy St Patties day!

It's how I choose my friends.

We all know That girl

I love John Green


waffle iron that makes miniature waffle furniture, because I really, REALLY need minerature waffle furniture. Caitlin Biggerstaff, I believe this waffle maker is for you!

I'll have that.


  • Caitlin Biggerstaff
    Caitlin Biggerstaff

    That's a bold-faced lie.

lol, Oscar Wilde indeed. He's such a romantic.

  • Caitlin Biggerstaff
    Caitlin Biggerstaff

    Ironic that they used a man and a woman for his quote on love.

  • Mimi

    Yeah, it's totally not a Wilde quote. The picture is just a bonus!

  • Caitlin Biggerstaff
    Caitlin Biggerstaff

    I wondered about the car part. I thought he died before vehicles spread overseas...

Try it.

  • Michelle Lynch
    Michelle Lynch

    creepy, it works.

  • Mimi

    Akinator doesn't read Discworld.

holy shit yes.

I must have this. Ass waffle.

Lettuce. It's not just for salads - it's also Very Deep In Spanish.