Fun photo booth event idea!

Frame hanging from a tree.fantastic photo booth idea or decor for outdoor wedding

Wedding Tips

How much did you tip certain vendors? : wedding tipping 1055599882806374 URFGmzuU F A handy cheat sheet for tipping your wedding vendors!

burlap wedding centerpieces

Looking for a fun springtime table idea? Use fresh daffodil flowers and freshly cut lemon or limes in a mason jar. Wrap your mason jars with (burlap and green ribbon) for an organic look.


Chair ribbon decorations on back. my chairs have curved backs so I can't use some chair decorations but this I could velvet ribbons for and orange ribbons for Halloweens . pastel for Easter .

pinwheel wedding ideas

Budget Friendly Malibu Wedding

HOW FUN is this for the kids table also. Lol pinwheel wedding ideas -- had these on the table at the auction and they were fun

Bold Yellows & Crisp Green Succulents ~ For The Color + Texture-Loving Brides! Photography by, Flowers by

Washington, D.C. Wedding by Marta Locklear

Marta Locklear is serving up a complete wedding stunner this morning.STUNNER (all caps) I tell you. It's a caffeine-free jolt of pretty for the start of your work week, with a pinch of DIY spri.