Nikki. Interior Designer. Writer. A little bit eccentric. A walking contradiction. 'Carpe Diem' DISCLAIMER: I don't own all the things I post; I'll link them. If I so, do own it, I'll mention it otherwise.

Make a super secret recipe to pass down through generations ;) this would be so fun to do one with my mother in-law, sister in law, koop, and Zurie....then one with my mama, sister, sis in-law, and then our 3 girls!!!=))))

My kids love these and they don't even know there good for them. Find the recipe for this and other healthy dishes here. Learn how to make beautiful looking dishes like this and lose weight doing it!!


I seriously think people have just given up on the thought and are settling. Maybe I'm a bit naive for believing in true love and soul mates, but I think I'll be happier because of it.


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