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James Patrick Caviezel

Oh my, what can I say about this board? James (Jim) Caviezel is my favorite male actor and I think he's been through a lot of unnecessary harassment from Hollywood since he played the part of Jesus. Thankfully he now stars in a successful weekly series called Person Of Interest which of course I think is the best series on t.v. today. I do not own any of these images and do not claim to. I have gathered them from Facebook and throughout the internet. Please don't copy to sell these images.

James Patrick Caviezel

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  • Susan Cornecelli Smith
    Susan Cornecelli Smith

    Good to see this handsome and holy man with a smile on his face. Rare.....

Jim Caviezel via Facebook page:

Jim via Facebook page

Jim---------via Facebook page

Person Of Interest Cast: via Facebook

Via Person of Interest page on Facebook

From "John Reese, The Chronicles of" Facebook page!

From Person of Interest page on Facebook!

From Person of Interest page on Facebook!

He's probably calling his beautiful wife checking on her and his kiddo's.

This one looks almost too sad to post.

Caviezel \| Jim Caviezel promo pic for Savannah (copyright ...

Caviezel | Jim Caviezel - jim-caviezel Photo

Caviezel | Jim Caviezel with Kid co-stars. This man stupidly adorable around kids ...

Caviezel | Father Angelo with Jim Caviezel, (the actor from the movie The Passion ...

Caviezel | tumblr_m5qlmml8Tk1rstprxo3_400.jpg

Caviezel | Jim Caviezel with some lucky fans