Red scarf on a white Kitty

Awww, my cats will need scarfs next winter. What a pretty cat with different colored eyes. I've seen other white cats with the mixed eyes. i luv my five cats. love to get home and pet them.

~ Valentine's Kitty ~

little red riding cat the blanket above its head is shaped into a heart.

Panda Cat~How unusual and beautiful!~

Panda Cat

theclearlydope: “ NEXT BIG INTERNET CAT: Panda cat. God what is my life? I just named the next big Internet cat. ” Can we get the cat in some kung fu poses so we can have Kung Fu Panda Cat?

Newborn ducklings.....peep peep :)

Duckling Picture – Bird Wallpaper - National Geographic Photo of the Day

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Holland lop

Today I'm gonna' introduce you guys to a kind of bunny, called the Holland Lop. The Holland Lop is a breed of rabbit originated from the Ne.

Hiding in the flowers

Little baby bunny, 1 ear has lopped but the other one still sticks up! Little cutie awww

Emperor Penguins, Antarctica

An adult emperor penguin in Antarctica takes care of the young ones while the other parents are fishing. Emperor Penguins, Antarctica Photograph by Dafna Ben Nun, Your Shot

40 Cute Puppy Pictures To Make You Say Awwww

40 Cute Puppy Pictures To Make You Say Awwww

Too cute with that round little puppy belly and that sweet face! Agreed,that fat little belly is the cutest