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For the New Year! Do even one thing per day from your dream list and see how much happier and more fulfilled you feel by the end of the month!

Organize 2014

the daily page. this is a cool idea journal agenda calendar

GOOD TO KNOW...Repel mosquitoes with container plants - Here is a helpful list of container plants that repel mosquitoes naturally!

The top 10 container plants that repel mosquitoes naturally, repel, organic, mosquitoes with landscape garden container

Polaroid pictures inside a wooden frame. Cute DIY idea for the home! Daily update on my blog:

10 DIY Ideas for Your Home

Polaroid pictures inside a wooden frame. Cute DIY idea for the home. - Home Decor

Something I can never remember and always have to ask my brother. Figured I better pin it now for next time we paint.

Paint type Guide: Choose the Right Paint Finish


pillowcases with crochet edges. I think I need to start collecting pretty pillow cases.

I couldn’t believe this worked! To make your grill non-stick all you need to do is cut an onion in half and rub the cut side on the heated grill grate.

Make Your Grill Non Stick Using an Onion! Simply heat up your grill and then rub the cut side of an onion over the grate! Not sure if this makes your food taste like onion. I myself LOVE onions, so that wouldn't be an issue for me.

* c h r i s t m a s *

So simple and charming. Make for each interior door downstairs? (Diy Crafts For Christmas)

Driftwood Lamp

Driftwood Lamp - Wood Lamps - iD Lights

Rosemary on the grill will keep Mosquitos away from your barbecue-and it smells delicious too!

31 Natural Pest Control Methods

Rosemary Coals: Instead of making a marinade with rosemary for grilling, place the herb right on the coals. The smoke enhances food in the same way burning wood chips does. Almost any meat or vegetable will benefit from this savory smoking.

Beach House Rules : gonna b our lakehouse rules.I would change to camp rules!

Create a DIY Photo Gallery with Style • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials!

Create a DIY Photo Gallery with Style

a gallery wall of family photos is a great way to create a visual reminder of what's most cherished in your family. Create a DIY Photo Gallery with Style

Bucket lamp.

Recaptured Charm: DIY::Bucket Lamp could be a cute idea for katie's room!

A Homemaker's Journal: Natural All Purpose Cleaner Using Lavender Essential Oil {Step by Step Guide}

A Homemaker's Journal: Natural All Purpose Cleaner Using Lavender Essential Oil -- 32 oz. bottle of white vinegar (buy the glass bottle) - 2 cups distilled water - 20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil - an old (clean) spray nozzle from an emptied bottle


Shelves arranged with a curated collection of antiques and books in neutral tones adds texture and intrigue to the wall

A much nicer way of saying "take your shoes off" before coming into the rest of the house. Big fan.

Please Remove Your Shoes Sign ~ Shoe Storage Ideas ~ Please Lose Your Shoes Custom Wood Sign ~ Take Off Shoes ~ Please Remove Shoes Sign

A more subtle way to hint to people to take their shoes off! I CRINGE when people wear their shoes on my carpet! Please Lose Your Shoes Real Wood Custom Sign by FussyMussyDesigns