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Cincinnati's Rock N Roll Real Estate Agent Gary Rossignol joins us on the MIND Your Business podcast to share how he used the Internet to brand his business, survive the market collapse of 2007/2008 and thrive through his use of the Internet and creative marketing.

Some flowers to brighten up your Monday.

America's #1 Small Business Expert returns to the MIND Your Business podcast as our first guest in our 2017 "Breaking Through Your Marketing Comfort Zone" series, relating what she personally has had to overcome and what she has seen clients have to overcome. Excellent info from a most excellent expert for you on this week's podcast!

So our wordsmith's desk is getting kind of unorganized. Any suggestions to make her desk the envy of the office? #deskenvy #officeorganization #shewontstopeatingeverythingbagels #bagelintervention

Hinoki Memo Cube: Perfect for notes, to-do lists, doodles, and more. #OfficeSupplies #WeWork / TechNews24h.com

Meet the Minds’ Mugsperation

Whether you're romantically attached or flying solo we hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. We also hope there is pizza. #valentinesday # oveandpizza #🍕

Mark Dean is a computer engineer that lead the team that invented a one-gigahertz computer processor chip. Dean also holds three of nine PC patents for being the co-creator of the IBM personal computer released in 1981. Thank you Mark Dean for creating the foundations for the computers we use today. #computerhistory #computerscience #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth