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Things that make me LOL

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl you needs ta see a docta 'bout dat arexia!

That's what she said!!

How not to stalk...

I think everyone can take a chance on something new every so often :-)

Awkward is a mild understatement!

I was disappointed when I discovered that too.

Seksee and I knowd it!

Give or take 100 or so!

Pull Out...

I'll never say no to a Girl Scout again

Oh no you didn't!

Does this make my butt look big?

I'm more of the "Sweet Jesus" type myself. Don't know about you..

I bet the adoptive parents are wanting a refund about now...

BAZINGA! ♥ Big Bang Theory - Sheldon rocks!

And this one time, at band camp, I was like...

And this is why I say MERRY CHRISTMAS instead of Happy Holidays...Spooky

This will be hated by cat lovers but I still totally LOL'd

Which would you take?