I laughed a little too hard at this.

So precious…

This little boy is eating his pretzel like Gollum would obsess with his precious.


Expecting our first child…

Best ultrasound picture ever. Look, they're expecting a baby. and a cat. Omg about died laughing!


You don't write alittle, abunch, acantaloupe, aporkchop. So don't write alot. I'm going to start writing acantaloupe.

So true!

I sleep with a “spoon” (Wrigley) and a “puzzle”/“leg warmer” (Cubby) all night, every night. I find that I can’t sleep well without them anymore! justtttme: “ My little ones favorites are all of.

Funny Confession Ecard: Tupperware is so handy for those times when you feel like throwing out your food another day. this is our family in an ecard.

Great ugly sweater- homemade!

28 Ugly christmas sweater party ideas

Tacky Christmas sweater party idea: Use a hula hoop in the bottom, sparkly garland and ornaments from the dollar store. - I might just be using this for an ugly sweater Christmas party :)

Freaking out.

Similarities between Belle and Jane - Disney's Beauty and the Beast/Tarzan //// but British vs French ?///// Simple, Jane's mother moved to England because of some brainy reason and met Jane's father.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 53 Pics

So a few months ago I was on my period and my dad kept sneaking bars of choolate under my bedroom door then ran downstairs shouting "Satan has been fed".

I LOVE reading these for some reason

Glad you guys liked part one, here's Creepy Things Kids Say Part 2

Creepy Things Kids Say Parts 1 2 - Seriously, For Real? I guess kids really are more sensitive to stuff like that then the rest of us.

Oh shit, this is truer than true x)

Totally made me think of Kenzi "Mommy has a boogie in her nose. David has a boogie in his nose.