Interesting street name…

Interesting street name…

Funny pictures about Interesting street name. Oh, and cool pics about Interesting street name. Also, Interesting street name.


Prayer ~ Lord, I can't say itin words.Can you please just listen through my heart. Adults should pray as such, too. When you can't speak it.God still hears our prayers.

Without Note, There’s No Paint

Without Note, There’s No Paint

Paint store sign: Husbands much have a note from their wives before selecting colors.


"Don't Kill your Wife with Work.Let Electricity Do It!", Funny Vintage Advertising, Assume they didn't realize what they were saying.

Extremely helpful warning.

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 64 pics. Who Is Dumb Enough To Swallow Hangers

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

Funny picture Funny Road Sign, have a laugh with many more funny photos and images.


Sadly, I relate to what this pinner says: This is what I hear when you give me directions.I am doomed to be forever directionally challenged

the importance of clarity

The importance of Clarity - Septic tanks pumped, Swimming pools filled, not same truck