Light brown / blonde hair I would want it to be blended more like ombre I hate dip die it looks so unprofessional


Pink pastel ombre / dip dye hair colour - strawberry and chocolate looks great for long hair.

Dip-Dyed Hair

Dip-Dyed Hair

Don’t call it a comeback; the dip-dyed hair is a reminiscence of the bold-maned grunge girls who rocked the fashion world in the and has thereon increasingly grown as the trendiest hair color tre

waaaaant it

This week, we're all about the dip-dye. If you don't know what a dip-dye is, it's just a certain type of hair dying technique where you dye just the ends of your hair strands so that it looks like it was dipped in a tub of hair dye.


Abbey Lee with dark ash blonde hair and dip dyed pink tips. More Hair Styles Like This!

Long Colourful Hair~

How to Curl Long Thick Hair: Wash hair, towel-dry and comb hair out. Prepping hair to hold the curl is very important. If your hair .

Hair color

This is the style now. I never do trends, but this is one that I want to do. I'd dip dye my hair purple and blue.


Long hair don't care Side waves hair ponytail brunette blonde highlights extensions ombré hat floral braid deep part red lips makeup


I would NEVER do this to my hair but it's Freaking awesome. The entire photo! But yes the red, pink, and light, pastel pink ombre hair color is beautiful!

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