No words.

That was amazing. Les Mis meets Disney (except for the Quest for Camelot and Anastasia :P )

Fine doesn't mean what you think Broke Girls TV Quote love it.sounds like me!

I LOVE it when people speak up about situations like this and who aren't afraid to speak their minds about ridiculous beauty standards.

Comedian Destroys Joan Rivers Over Adele Comments.I would be completely ok with it if I looked like Adele! Joan Rivers looks like a walking advertisement for bad plastic surgery.


Boy are you gonna be sorry if that's true. This may be my all-time favorite Friends scene.I crack up every time.


Les Misera-latte…

>> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok so there are some good things about that miserable movie/book/musical


Barney’s awesome lying skills…

Funny pictures about Barney's awesome lying skills. Oh, and cool pics about Barney's awesome lying skills. Also, Barney's awesome lying skills.


Joey Tribbiani

Funny pictures about Joey And The Cup. Oh, and cool pics about Joey And The Cup. Also, Joey And The Cup photos.

My mind just exploded and imploded at the same time creating a paradox in my head which equaled me understanding everything.

Funny pictures about Mind-Blowing Pixar Theory. Oh, and cool pics about Mind-Blowing Pixar Theory. Also, Mind-Blowing Pixar Theory photos.

Even though Daryl Dixon was not originally planned to be on The Walking Dead, he quickly stole our hearts and became one of our favorite characters. It's hard to imagine what the show would be like without him... If Daryl dies, we RIOT! Can't get enough Daryl Dixon in your life? These hilarious memes are…

When Daryl slings a crossbow over his shoulder, the heavens part and a blinding white light of sexual heat appears. Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Sexiest Man On ?

Then everybody wants to know why you can't sleep and you fall to the floor moaning "I don't know!!"

Farewell letter from

I hate family guy but this is so true! Then everybody wants to know why you can't sleep and you fall to the floor moaning "I don't know!

friends!!! Will always be my favorite!

26 "Friends" Quotes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time Friends is the Best Show Ever. Friends made us laugh, it made us cry. It thought all of us so much about friendship and friends.

The IT Crowd. Also, entirely accurate

The IT Crowd. Also, quite possibly my favourite quote from television.

Sheldon bought Amy a Tierra - Sheldon did good ☺

Amy Farrah Fowler and her tiara. Probably by favorite Big Bang moment of all time.