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Fairy Houses

Welcome to Enchanted Garden's collection of miniature fairy houses. From grand fairy estates to the tiniest of fairy homes you're sure to find a house that your garden fairies would be proud to call home.

striped gourd house in the spring fairy garden.

Mini mushroom fairy outhouse in the fairy garden.

Log Fairy House in the fairy garden.

Tiny castle fairy house in the enchanted fairy garden forest.

A tranquil fairy garden scene with our mini fairy house church and snowdrop fairy.

Striped gourd house in the fairy garden.

Purple pippin fairy house in the mini fairy gardens.

Mini troll fairy house in the garden.

A miniature mushroom fairy house woodland cottage.

A little tea shop in our mini fairy house kit.

Build a magical fairy house with our nature inspired fairy house kit.

A miniature sweet shop fairy house.

A tiny gnome visits our mini troll fairy house in the fairy garden.

Little mushroom fairy house for your fairy garden.